New Leaf QR Paths Only
Just Animal Crossing New Leaf QR codes for paths only.


Thank you Anon for the link :D

Hello! I have been having trouble figuring out how to layout paths and details in my town and making it flow with what already exists, do you have any suggestions that might help?

Hrm… well.. It would be great if I could see your design, or if you give me your dream code then I could have a look around?

I usually look at a few basic things. Where the train station, retail, town hall and the town square are,
then I look at where the player houses are,
where the big attractions are (from public works),
and then where the townies houses are.

I look for what I call circuits. Is there a circular flow of design that could work with these working from the main ones down to the townies.

Then once I have a couple of circuits (or even just one, or sometimes its just a cross roads) I then see how I need to branch out from these main roads to reach the other places that aren’t on a main circuit. I love to make these places like little discovery places where you can follow a tiny cute path that takes you to a certain neighbour or a special attraction.



Hello! I'd just like to say: Your blog is incredible! It's full of so many wonderful ideas that have sparked a lot of inspiration and ideas for my town. Question: Do you have any paths that look good all year round? I particularly love the Spring ones like the water and flower thingies, but they won't work all year. Do you have anything similar that won't involve me having to re-do my paths? Thank you! :D

Ahh, now you see you don’t have to re-do all your paths if you think about it. You just have to replace the ones in your pattern inventory and all the ones of that type on the ground will change AUTOMAGICALLY!!! :O :O :O

would you happen to know where I can get the brick path in this post? /post/57501480777/source the dark brown and mossy one i hope i didn't overlook it on your blog ahh which is also amazing

Oh yes! that one comes from the MiCHEL blog :)

Hi! I need a lot of help with my town. First I decided not to put paths down until I have all my dream neighbors , but my town is a mess! And there's a lot of trees in the way of flower space but I don't wanna undo my perfect environment! What should I do? Should I put down paths?

Yes, put down paths.
To me it doesn’t matter where my townies put their houses because I work around them. I actually enjoy having a chance to rethink where I would like to put new paths to show off their house but still work with the main network of paths I have established!

I'm gonna try and make this understandable. *ahemhem* Will your paths still stay, if your main character laid them but you give the pattern to your mule after?

They will stay if the character who put them down keeps them in their pattern inventory, if you change that characters patterns then they will change what is on the ground. 
If you give the patterns to your mule and then your mule puts them all down again, then the same rules will apply! if you change the pattern on your mule then all the patterns on the ground will change as well :)  I suggest if you don’t understand what I am saying that you test it out with maybe one or two patterns on the ground and see for yourself what happens!

Have you seen the 'holly' brick path??

What’s up with all the requests for Autumn and Winter themes? The winter theme I can only guess is to do with Disney’s latest blockbuster. But the Autumn themes??

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Could you link to the qr code of the grass looking stuff in your most recent post?!?! (cherry blossom path one)

Check the Source :) otherwise I just posted something that might interest you.